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Welcome to an exciting page of games, activities and learning which will keep the kids entertained on your train journey or at home!

These links offer essential learning about rail safety, the environment, fun stories, games, puzzles, drawing and more.

Don’t forget to have pencils, crayons and your thinking cap with you – have fun!

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A simple click on the purple link will take you directly to each activity.


Caring for our Environment game

Caring for our environment is really important. This interactive game by Network Rail will help children to develop their problem solving skills and to learn about everyday environmental challenges on the railway.

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Elliot the Environmentalist book

This online activity book, Elliot the Environmentalist, is full of games and fun! It helps young children to learn about the different types of nature found near the railway.  Network Rail’s projects protect and look after the railway environment.



Emily the Railway Engineer

Join Emily as she takes you through her activity book. Her exciting rail adventure will help you learn about becoming a railway engineer.


Stay Safe with Thomas

Stay Safe with Thomas is a helpful book about railway safety put together by Network Rail and the British Transport Police. Thomas enjoys an exciting adventure around railway tracks, stations and level crossings and he learns how important it is to stay safe.


Stay Safe with Thomas - Comprehension

Once you have read ‘Stay Safe with Thomas’ you can answer lots of questions about the book to see what you remember!



Print off and colour your train!


Print off and find 18 Cumbrian railway stations


Print off and find 16 Cumbrian railway stations


Print off and find words connected with rainbows


Welcome to Young Great Westerners!

A journey of discovery and learning. Go on rail-inspired storytelling adventures or run the Great Western Railway in a STEM-based digital game.

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Avanti - The Imagination Station

Fire up your printer, grab some colouring pencils and set your little ones loose on our new Pendolino paper model trains. There’s one train in Avanti West Coast colours, plus, there’s a blank one for crayon-lovers.

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Further educational resources for teachers and parents. More complex links which take you to a variety of rail based information and further learning.


Curricular teaching activities

Interactive learning activities that match different curriculum areas and deliver Ofsted requirements of PSHE teaching. Includes History, Rail Safety, Maths and Drawing.

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More fun and learning

Community Rail Lancashire and Northern have pulled together lots of downloadable activities for children to learn about safety, history, careers and games.

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You vs. Train

See the hidden hazards of the railway track with very strong messages on safety and the dangers of trespass. Real life stories and quizzes. Suitable for children aged over 11 years old.

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Safe travel

It is important for you to keep safe when traveling on the rail network and whilst waiting at stations.  This information leaflet will help you learn what the dangers are.




Network Rail - British Science Week: Education Resources

Network Rail are always eager to tell young people about all exciting learning opportunities that the railway has to offer. With lots of  learning, there is also materials to keep children busy and happy when at home.

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Platform - Connecting Classrooms to local rail

Platform is a rail education scheme that works with schools to empower young people in accessing the railways.

Through workshops, train-trips, and bespoke, local resources, Platform helps teachers to build their students’ knowledge of rail-safety, their understanding of sustainable and healthy travel, and their confidence in using trains.

Platform supports schools in building cultural-capital with out-of-classroom experiences; helps schools to embed sustainable learning into their curriculum; and promotes access to future opportunities available to young people through train travel.

Community rail is a growing grassroots movement made up of community rail partnerships and groups across Britain. They engage communities and help people get the most from their railways, promoting social inclusion and sustainable travel, working alongside train operators to bring about improvements, and bringing stations back to life.

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Thanks to Northern, Network Rail, Great Western Railway, Community Rail Lancashire and Avanti West Coast.