About Us


Community Rail Cumbria (CRC) comprises the three designated Community Rail Lines in Cumbria: the Cumbrian Coast Line, the Furness Line and the Lakes Line.

CRC works in partnership with community groups, funding partners, Local Authorities and the private sector to support the use and improvement of local railway stations in Cumbria.

The Partnerships are greatly helped by community volunteers and support local communities to adopt their local station. This encourages station development with projects such as gardening and landscaping; building renovation and events.

CRC has a strong focus on the promotion and marketing of local rail services which access local attractions to help publicise the railway and the potential trips that visitors and the local community can make.

The Team

From left to right: Warren Birch, Community Rail Partnership Officer, Cumbrian Coast Line; Laurence Hilland, Community Rail Partnership Officer, Cumbrian Coast Line; Claire Bradshaw, Community Rail Assistant; Jim Trotman former Community Rail Partnership Officer, Furness Line and Lakes Line; Dawn McGough, Community Rail Manager; Kerstin Esbjornssen, Community Rail Partnership Officer, Furness Line and Lakes Line.


Community Rail Partnerships

In order to achieve the overall aim of economic well-being and growth the Cumbrian Coast Line, Furness Line and Lakes Line CRPs have the following shared strategic objectives:

  • To develop a sustainable community rail movement across Cumbria including the growth of Station Adoption, the creation of business and community opportunities, education initiatives and volunteer participation;
  • To secure as a minimum sufficient funding to support the community rail staffing structure and the Community Rail Development Plan;
  • To identify and contribute to a programme of station developments;
  • To seek effective passenger and freight rail service improvements;
  • To support rail revenue initiatives;
  • To develop a sustainable and quantifiable approach for marketing and promoting rail travel which encourages both outbound and inbound use of the lines;
  • To undertake a pro-active approach to those sections of the Cumbrian community disadvantaged by health, isolation or social deprivation.