Adopt a station






Community Rail Network (previously ACoRP)  is the membership body for more than 60 CRPs (Community Rail Partnerships), representing over 70 community rail lines across the UK, as well as more than 1,000 station adoption groups.

A Station Adoption Toolkit has been produced by Community Rail Network for groups who wish to get started with Station Adoption at their local station.  We can advise on setting up groups and provide model constitutions.  The Community Rail Network members also offers a Small Grants Fund which is mainly aimed at pump priming small projects at stations.

For more information see Community Rail Network 

How Northern can help

Lots more groups and individuals are getting involved in caring for their local station in various ways.  A number of stations on Cumbria’s Community Rail lines are supported by local people who are active in looking after their local station which is such an important part of the community.  Even if you only have an hour a week or longer to spare then you can make a real difference to your station environment; meet new people and get fitter!

Brightening up the stations can range from a bit of gardening work or keeping an eye open for any maintenance issues at the station to more adventurous projects like setting up planters, organising artwork or even aspects of station building restoration.  Any ideas from registered groups that would make a station more attractive will be welcomed.  All stations along the Cumbrian Coast, Furness and Lakes lines now have an active group of local volunteers.

Developing a strong sense of community ownership of a local station resource reduces anti-social behaviour and helps bring the station into the heart of the community it serves. We particularly welcome diverse groups, wider community groups and groups of individuals. Read more here regarding Northern’s Station Adoption Guidance.

If you are interested in finding out more regarding Station Adoption contact: [email protected]