Morecambe Bay/Furness Line Panels

Working with all the local partners and station adoption groups along the Furness Line, a project lead by Engagement Officer Michelle Cooper of Morecambe Bay Partnership (MBP) and the CRP, a number of guiding and interpretation panels were developed for each of the Furness Line’s stations. Following extensive community engagement the panels have been greatly welcomed along the line, reflecting the interesting and varied heritage – historic and natural – around the bay and along the rail line

The CRP and MBP were delighted to host the launch event of the interpretation panels on 29 July 2019 at Carnforth Heritage Centre. The event was well attended by many of our partners and local communities. Suzannah Bleakley from MBP welcomed everyone and introduced John Owen who praised the partnership working and the results of the project.
Each station along the Furness Line now has at least one panel installed and a second full set of the panels has been produced and are planned to be exhibited at Barrow station. A special thank you to Michelle Cooper of MBP for her tireless efforts in driving this project forward.
A fantastic extra development is the so called Window Gazer leaflet. The leaflet describes views along the line, with a special ‘I spy’ section. It is a great companion for travel along the line for all ages, all audiences and has given a nice continuity for rail users/visitors.