Scenic Rail Journeys

Community Rail Cumbria had previously been working in partnership with ACoRP to produce a brochure highlighting the wonderful but not so obvious lines available in and around Britain. The brochure is designed to signpost people to the wonderful Scenic Rail Britain website that hosts a vast array of journeys that will hopefully stimulate the thirst and drive people to explore these hidden gems.

The SCENIC RAIL Journeys in Britain brochure continues to be a favourite down at the Millom Discovery Centre, with people travelling to a wide range of destinations on the lines featured. The Centre (located on the southbound platform at Millom station) is definitely worth a visit to pick up a copy of the brochure, visit the museum and even sample the delicious food and drink at the Trackside café.

Special thanks have to go out to ACoRP and Department for Transport, whom without their support this project wouldn’t have been possible

Scenic Rail journeys in Britain