Turning Point

Turning Point is a national charity engaged in the rehabilitation of people recovering from substance and alcohol abuse. A pilot scheme between Turning Point and the Cumbrian Coast Line Community Rail Partnership, funded by Northern and Direct Rail Services, has proven to be an unqualified success.

Focussed on supporting resident’s participating in rehab programmes at Stanfield House in Workington, the project has enabled individuals to reconnect with latent talents and hobbies; discover new skills and purpose; develop a personal sense of self-worth and satisfaction at a job well done and to feel they are giving something positive back to society.

Now a mandatory part of the rehab programme, residents take the train and pay a weekly visit to Green Road station where they enjoy all the tasks required to keep the station looking clean, tidy and attractive.  The station is situated in a natural tranquil environment which inspires mindfulness and personal reflection, essential elements of the healing and recovery process.

Explore the whole story through our award winning videos and brochure which capture the story of the ‘Rail Journey to Recovery’ and ‘Broken Lives Mended’.

Following on from the much publicised success of both The Rail Journey to Recovery and Broken Lives Mended projects, Turning Point embarked on a new challenge to transform Green Road station for both themselves and the general public. A series of boards, as shown in the photo above, now appears on the southbound platform showing high quality photographs taken by an ex-resident and featuring inspirational quotes to motivate both visitors to the station and passengers on the trains.

Turning Point hopes to create an environment where both adults and children can embrace the wonderful landscape and wildlife this area of Cumbria can offer. Green Road station and surrounding area provides the perfect backdrop allowing families to explore the hidden footpaths located behind the station and adjacent village and lanes talking you up to the picturesque Duddon estuary that lies between Morecambe Bay and the West Cumbrian Coast.

Broken Lives Mended

Rail Journey to Recovery brochure