175 Furness celebration at Lancaster Station – November 3rd 2021

In June 1846, the first trains ran on the Furness Railway which led to the establishment of the line from Barrow-in-Furness to Lancaster. In September of the same year the Kendal and Windermere Railway opened the first section of their line from Oxenholme to Kendal.

The 175 committees and Community Rail Partnerships have held a series of well-supported community events along the Furness line during the summer to celebrate the 175th anniversary.

Join us for our celebratory community event at Lancaster Station, platform 3 on Wednesday 3rd of November between 11.30am and 14.30pm.

We will be delighted to invite you to;

  • Find out how railways started in Cumbria (lots of historical photos available to look at and books to peruse or buy)
  • How a railway steam engine fell down a hole in 1892 and it is still there
  • Celebrate the engagement by local primary school pupils – sharing their artwork
  • Engage young people in the importance of the railway for the future (sustainable transport and perhaps a career option?)
  • The importance of safety on the railways
  • A series of leaflets directing you to walks from stations along Cumbria’s lines
  • 175 merchandise and goodie bags for children