Boat at a train station

Today witnessed a first on the Cumbrian Coast Line with the introduction of a boat at a train station! The new planter can now been seen on the southbound platform at Parton station. The newly formed station adoption group have worked extremely hard to try and transform the appearance of their local station including the recent addition of some wonderful planters and hanging baskets supplied by local group Grass Roots.

Community spirit was displayed in abundance today, the boat being provided by one of the station adopters (Rob Huck) and carried up to the platform by local residents, topsoil donated by local firm Curruthers Ltd at Lillyhall, plants funded by Northern and planted by the staff and residents of Hensingham Day Services. The final touch will be a mural being designed and painted by The Colourful North that will form the backdrop behind the newly installed boat ‘Parton Lass’