Brochure to Inspire

Our new Rail Journey to Recovery brochure was shown for the first time on Monday 9th September at the Northern Community Rail Conference in Leeds, the initial responses have been staggering and encouraged others to look into this further. This is a joint venture between Turning Point and Community Rail Cumbria inspired by the well-publicised Rail Journey to Recovery and Broken Lives Mended video’s. The brochure looks at the link between Rail and Rehabilitation and focuses on key areas including Addiction Explained, Rail within Rehab, The impact of Green Road and Mindfulness.

Turning Point plan to use this brochure as a marketing tool to further enhance their profile in the social enterprise field and showcase this unique and innovative project.

Special thanks have to go out to Northern and Direct Rail Services, whom without their support this project wouldn’t have been possible.

This brochure will be available shortly on our website in a PDF format.