Educational trip for Hertfordshire students

Community Rail Cumbria, Northern and Workington Transport Heritage Trust had the pleasure of hosting 60 geography students from the University of Hertfordshire on Thursday. The group has spent the week visiting a number of locations in Cumbria as part of a residential field trip, exploring themes including memory, community, place and identity, and a global sense of place.

The students visited the Helena Thompson museum for a heritage talk before joining us at Workington railway station to look around our much-publicised Rails Which Circled the World exhibition.

Despite the atrocious weather and with waterproofs and umbrellas at the ready, we braved the rain and were able to show the students around the 18 boards on the northbound platform before heading into the warm waiting room to showcase our short film that tells human stories from back in day.

The session finished with a Q&A session where David Wallace was able to display his vast knowledge of West Cumbria and the impact Workington had on the rest of the world.