Refurbishment Work – St Bees Station Footbridge

The existing corroded life expired failing stair tread and the existing tread support brace that are currently welded to the side stringer on the footbridge staircase will be carefully cut off and removed to allow a new stair tread and new support brace that have been fabricated offsite to be installed and welded into position onsite between the two staircase stringers.

A new DDA Compliant Grp overlay tread will be installed onto the new steel replacement stair tread to complete the footbridge stair tread renewal.

 All works onsite will be completed over four consecutive daytime shift from Monday 4th May to Thursday 7th May with all works onsite being completed between the hours of 08:30 & 15:00.

The footbridge will remain closed throughout the duration of the repair works detailed above.