A very warm welcome to Community Rail Cumbria’s new website. We’re very lucky to have railway lines that serve most parts of this outstandingly beautiful and diverse county called Cumbria, and this website promotes not just the journey but the wide variety of destinations along the way.

We’re delighted to show – in pictures and words – all the scenic splendours on offer by journeying along the Cumbrian Coast Line, Furness Line and Lakes Line. And if you’re new to rail – or just fancy a different perspective on our landscapes and seascapes – the warmest of Cumbrian welcomes.

Those breathtaking views of Lakeland fells meeting the sea along the Furness Line never fail to inspire, whilst the Lakes Line will take you to the heart of the full range of outdoor adventures available within the Lake District – now recognised as a World Heritage Site.

And with the advent of full line all day Sunday rail services along the Cumbrian Coast with effect from 20 May, there has never been a better time for a weekend break to explore the hidden, natural, beauty spots of West Cumbria.

Our sincere thanks go to everyone who contributed to this new website and particularly colleagues at Wombat, Adamedia, ACoRP and Northern.

Welcome, enjoy and look forward to much more to come!”