Flimby is a coastal settlement 47 km/29 miles south west of Carlisle with a population of about 1600.  It dates back to the time of Norse settlement and its name means the “Village of the Flemings”.  To one side of the railway lies the Cumbrian Coast with spectacular open views across the Solway Estuary to Scotland and to the other side lies the village of Flimby, loved by its locals.

Flimby is the best place from which to see many of Cumbria’s wind farms including Robin Rigg in the Solway between Cumbria and Dumfries and Galloway.

It is possible that a missing Roman fort (Mile Fort 27) at the very end of the defensive line running west from Carlisle, may lie under the modern village of Flimby. Visitors can keep their eyes open for any signs of re-used Roman stones in the buildings. In the village,  the quaint church of St. Nicholas can be found.

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