The coastal village of Parton lies 2 km north of Whitehaven.  With the railway station so close to the sea front, it is easy to explore the sandy beaches and rugged walks.  It is also a popular place to see a spectacular sunset across the waters of the Irish Sea.

People have lived here since at least Roman times when the sheltered bay was used by boats serving a Roman fort on the high ground to the north of the present village.  In the 18th Century, Parton was home to coal mining, brewing and glass making industries. However, after a devastating storm in 1795, the harbour and industry declined. Parton subsequently became a small fishing port.

A place of interest is St Bridgets Church which grew up inside the old fort and was replaced in about AD 1150.  The Church was rebuilt  in 1822 and categorised as a Grade II listed building in 1967.


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